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Jones, Oklahoma and Buckskin

I wrapped up 2016 with three more Centennials: Jones Mountain in August, and Mounts Oklahoma and Buckskin in September with my dad. These were mild mountains to finish off the year after a number of more difficult ones–and pretty straightforward, except for the scenic bush-whacking of Mount Oklahoma:

Dallas and Teakettle

Dallas Peak, Teakettle Mountain, and Jagged Mountain are considered to be the three most difficult mountains to climb of Colorado’s hundred highest. I climbed the first two of these on back-to-back days in August 2016. They were instant classics for me, especially Teakettle. The scenery and weather could not have been better. The climbing was […]

Grizzly and Cathedral

Part 2 of my epic Summer of ’16 involved two more Centennial Summits in Colorado in early July. View from Grizzly Couloir Grizzly Peak A, Colorado’s highest 13er, was first. I completed a fun and challenging loop tour of the mountain, ascending Grizzly Couloir and bushwhacking my way down the mountain’s southwestern slopes. Two days […]

“Thunder Pyramid”, Sandwiched Between Mount Spalding and Ice Lake Basin

On the first of several epic 4-day weekends spent traveling out West in 2016, this one started out with a 13,800-foot gain in 8 hours–from Dulles Airport to the summit of Mount Spalding! Mount Spalding isn’t officially one of the highest 100 mountains in Colorado, but if you include the 11 USGS-named summits in addition […]

French – Frasco – Casco: Colorado Classic

Dad and I, along with my dog Hunter, tackled the French-Frasco-Casco Trio in Colorado this past July, in what instantly became one of my favorite hikes I’ve done in the state: Trip Report.

Iced Cube Epic, and other Colorado Adventures

I took a trip to Colorado with my parents over Independence Day this past summer. We visited Independence Pass on July 4th and completed a scenic 5-mile hike along the Continental Divide: We also visited Great Sand Dunes National Park, a unique Colorado gem: But the main event was what became an epic two days […]

Snowmass–14er Finale!

My family and I visited Colorado in the midst of the worst of wildfire season this past summer, so my Dad and Uncle John could join me on my final 14er, Snowmass Mountain. To acclimate to the altitude, we first drove up Mount Evans, where we said hi to some mountain goats and walked around […]

Looking back on 2011

This past year was all about training for a 20-mile hike in the Bridger-Teton Wilderness with my Dad and Uncle John–who first did this Paintbrush Divide / Cascade Canyon Loop in 2002. Where there had been wildflowers that year, there was deep snow in 2011–thanks to an epic snow year in much of the West. […]

Colorado 2010: Mountain Blitz

My goal this year was to climb as many of the remaining 14ers (and Centennial 13ers) as possible in 9 days in Colorado: August 19-27. The first and last days were travel days, so they were out, and I allowed for one rest day. The trip ended up going very well, and Jupiter Mountain was […]

Back to the 14ers…

In the second part of my 2009 trip West, I got back to climbing some of the 14ers on my “Hundred Highest of the Rockies” list. I finally got all my trip reports and photographs organized and online. After some rest following the Grand Teton, I took a day to drive exactly 600 miles south […]