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Jones, Oklahoma and Buckskin

I wrapped up 2016 with three more Centennials: Jones Mountain in August, and Mounts Oklahoma and Buckskin in September with my dad. These were mild mountains to finish off the year after a number of more difficult ones–and pretty straightforward, except for the scenic bush-whacking of Mount Oklahoma:

Dallas and Teakettle

Dallas Peak, Teakettle Mountain, and Jagged Mountain are considered to be the three most difficult mountains to climb of Colorado’s hundred highest. I climbed the first two of these on back-to-back days in August 2016. They were instant classics for me, especially Teakettle. The scenery and weather could not have been better. The climbing was […]

Grizzly and Cathedral

Part 2 of my epic Summer of ’16 involved two more Centennial Summits in Colorado in early July. View from Grizzly Couloir Grizzly Peak A, Colorado’s highest 13er, was first. I completed a fun and challenging loop tour of the mountain, ascending Grizzly Couloir and bushwhacking my way down the mountain’s southwestern slopes. Two days […]

“Thunder Pyramid”, Sandwiched Between Mount Spalding and Ice Lake Basin

On the first of several epic 4-day weekends spent traveling out West in 2016, this one started out with a 13,800-foot gain in 8 hours–from Dulles Airport to the summit of Mount Spalding! Mount Spalding isn’t officially one of the highest 100 mountains in Colorado, but if you include the 11 USGS-named summits in addition […]

Website Catch-Up / 2015 Wrap-Up

I’ve already done a good bit of hiking in 2016, so before I get too far behind I wanted to add my remaining highlights from the summer of 2015 to the website. This includes a hike of the 2015 Midway point on the Appalachian Trail. One of the highlights of our 2015 trip back to […]

French – Frasco – Casco: Colorado Classic

Dad and I, along with my dog Hunter, tackled the French-Frasco-Casco Trio in Colorado this past July, in what instantly became one of my favorite hikes I’ve done in the state: Trip Report.

Yellowstone’s Hoyt and Avalanche Peaks

Dad and I enjoyed a memorable wildflower-filled hike on these two peaks in Southeastern Yellowstone on 7/3/15. Trip Report Here.

The Many Faces of Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

Enjoyed the 1.3-mile paved Tower Loop Trail around the base of Devils Tower back on June 29, 2015. Click the photo below for more pictures:

Whiteside Mountain, NC Loop Hike

This past January my wife and I enjoyed a vacation to the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina. We found a nice loop hike on Whiteside Mountain to do with our dog. Some impressive cliffs and icicles on this one! Click photograph for trip report:

Iced Cube Epic, and other Colorado Adventures

I took a trip to Colorado with my parents over Independence Day this past summer. We visited Independence Pass on July 4th and completed a scenic 5-mile hike along the Continental Divide: We also visited Great Sand Dunes National Park, a unique Colorado gem: But the main event was what became an epic two days […]