Posts from ‘January, 2017’

Dallas and Teakettle

Dallas Peak, Teakettle Mountain, and Jagged Mountain are considered to be the three most difficult mountains to climb of Colorado’s hundred highest. I climbed the first two of these on back-to-back days in August 2016. They were instant classics for me, especially Teakettle. The scenery and weather could not have been better. The climbing was […]

Grizzly and Cathedral

Part 2 of my epic Summer of ’16 involved two more Centennial Summits in Colorado in early July. View from Grizzly Couloir Grizzly Peak A, Colorado’s highest 13er, was first. I completed a fun and challenging loop tour of the mountain, ascending Grizzly Couloir and bushwhacking my way down the mountain’s southwestern slopes. Two days […]